The diva wears Prada

After receiving the shocking news from my doctor that I was pregnant, one of the first things I did when I came home was packaging up my brand new sheath dress (pictured) for its sad return journey back to the Gilt warehouse.

“Ugh, I’m gonna be a whale in a few months. What’s the point of keeping this dress!” I shouted in my head as I taped up the box.

Bye-bye dress… you have no tummy capability 😦

I had been looking for a classic sheath dress with cap sleeves to add to my collection, and soon as I stumbled upon one (not to mention at a bargain basement price)  I’m pregnant?! Am I being punished by the fashion gods?

Aside from a few loose fitting tops and sweaters, everything in my closet is pretty much form fitting. I take pride in maintaining my girlish figure so I can wear my favorite designer items year after year.  The thought of having to buy throw-away clothes gives me a mild anxiety attack as it is 100% against my belief of investment dressing. I generally buy things that I know (or at least think) I will love and last for years to come. And if I end up not liking something after a couple of years, I can easily consign or ebay and recover some of the cost. You just can’t do the same with H&M stuff. Yes, I’ll admit it right here – I personally hate the concept of H&M. The production of cheap, disposable fashion has many ill effects on the environment and society in general. I will not get into this subject right now but you can read about it here. No judgement on those who shop at H&M, though (as long as your purchases aren’t in the landfill after a few months).

My 14-week baby bump is about the size of a large food baby at this point so everything still fits. Not that I have too many reasons to wear any of my nice clothes as I have been severely plagued by nausea and fatigue for the past few months. My priority every day is to figure out how to minimize nausea and gagging so I don’t puke. Getting dressed up for a night out on the town is not something I am too excited about right now.

However, I am hopeful that this sickness will soon subside and I will once again strut the streets of Boston, pregnant, in heels and non-maternity wear. My goal is to continue to buy high quality, chic clothes with silhouettes that will accommodate a growing belly. Sure, maternity wear has come a long way since the my mom’s muumuus, but your typical empire-waist-poly-jersey maternity dress is just not my style. Plus I want to be able to wear these items again as a non-pregnant person. I have no idea how big my bump will get and how much my other body parts will expand, so shopping is officially suspended for the time being.

I am thinking for fall/winter, all I need is a couple of pairs of thick maternity tights and leggings, and the rest will be non-maternity. Unrealistic? We shall see.


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